Kasoa at it again as 14 year old boy set ten year young boy ablaze with petrol.

News reaching our front desk shows that a boy of ten years has been burnt with petrol by 14 year old boy in Kasoa.

Narrating the incidence to Afia Pokuah on UTV, Cynthia Amankwah, the mother of the 10 year young boy said her son went out to buy a shoe. She later saw his son returning home with flames of fire all over his body.

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According to the burnt son of Mrs Cynthia, he was passing by when the 14 year old boy identified as ‘Hammer’ poured a little can of petrol on him and lighted fire on his body.

Fortunately for the 10 year boy, there were children around who intervened to put the fire off.

However, in the photos below, the skin of Cynthia’s 10 year old son has been wiped off leaving the flesh.


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