Lilwin Signs As A New Player Of New Edubiase United (Video)

Lilwin is a former actor who later became a musician, and now he is a footballer after being signed as a new player for New Edubiase Football Club, and some internet users believe the club’s leaders aren’t serious at all.

No one knows if Lilwin is a professional player for a football club to sign him, but New Edubiase has gone ahead and signed him as their new player, and everyone who has heard about it believes they are a bunch of fools for bringing him on board.

Whatever the rationale for signing Lilwin as a new member of their club, netizens believe they aren’t serious about bringing him on as the first player because he is known to be an entertainer rather than a football player.

This season, the football team New Edubiase has added some new players, including Lilwin, a humorous actor who also happens to be a singer. We’re excited to see how good or awful he is as a footballer.

Credit to Dklassgh.com


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