How to keep an office relationship from meddling with work

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Mahalia Bamford, has revealed how she would handle an office relationship and keep it from distracting her from her work.

Interviewed by the Ekumfi Princess Mercy Bee on eTV Ghana’s Girl Vibes show, she was asked what she would do as an employer if she gets into an intimate relationship with one of her employees. She answered that to keep this situation from affecting work output negatively, she sees only two solutions out of it.

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She noted that both of them would have to come to an agreement, specifically a formal one signed on paper which will draw a line between work relations and personal relations. If he cannot agree to these terms, then she would have to lay him off the job and help him find another job elsewhere.

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“Either ways, we need to have an agreement on paper to hold us so that he still can keep his job and I can have my business progress. Even if things don’t work out in the romantic relationship we’re trying to have and I can’t have a contractual agreement, he will have to quit the job”, she said.

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According to Mahalia, if she, as a woman has been able to start her own business, has been able to employ him and is now willing to help him set up his own business, he should have the heart to be able to start something to save both their relationship and the business.


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