18-year-old Lady sets boyfriend’s car on fire for breaking up with her

An 18-year-old girl has set her boyfriend’s car on fire for breaking up with her.

Commentary surrounding the video that has since gone viral has it that, the young lady who felt she had been used and dumped stormed her boyfriend’s house to set his car on fire.

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Apparently, despite the boyfriend insisting he has nothing to do with her again – The lady has refused to accept that the fact that her relationship has gone south.

Reacting with pain and anger, she did the unthinkable by setting her boyfriend’s car on fire.

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In the video, the boyfriend’s car can be seen partially burnt.

If not for the timely intervention of the guy’s landlord, the lady would have been beaten to death by her boyfriend who never imagined his ex-lover could go to such an extent.

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Watch the video below to know more…


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