Akatsi motorbike robbers to spend 20 years in prison

The Circuit Court in Sogakope presided over by His Lordship Isaac Addo has on Friday, March 18, 2022, has sentenced Godsway Sedofia 19, Seraphim Torgbor 18, and Destiny Adzakpo 18, to 20 years in prison for robbery.

Presenting the facts to the court, police prosecutor, Chief Inspector Seidu Kodua told the court that on Wednesday, December 22, 2021, accused Godsway Sedofia hired the services of a motorbike rider from the AKatsi central market to Atidzive.

On reaching a section of the road, the suspect ordered the rider to stop, pointing a pistol at him, and with the assistance of his accomplices Destiny Adzakpo and Robert Sedofia (the gang leader), who had laid an ambush in a nearby bush, robbed the victim of his Haojue motorbike with registration number M-21- VR 3225 and a crash helmet.

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The victim later informed his friends who are also motorbike riders to lookout for his bike. Shortly, the victim had a tip-off that Godsway Sedofia and Seraphim Torgbor were seen on a motorbike speeding through Glikpome town near Atidzive.

The victim and his friends proceeded to the house of Godsway Sedofia and got him arrested in his room at Glikpome with the crash helmet in his possession.

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Godsway Sedofia admitted the offence in his caution statement and mentioned Seraphim Torgbor, Destiny Adzakpo, and Robert Sedofia as his accomplices.

On Friday, December 24, 2021, Seraphim Torgbor and Destiny Adzakpo were arrested at their hideout at Glikpome.

During interrogation, Destiny Adzakpo stated that he and the gang leader Robert Sedofia had parked the said motorbike at the premises of Keta Municipal Hospital.

Police took Destiny Adzakpo to the said hospital where the motorbike was retrieved.

In his caution statement, Seraphim Torgbor stated that he only participated in the planning of the act but did not take part in the robbery. He further stated that he pointed the motorbike to be robbed.

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The convicts were later put before the Sogakope Circuit Court where all three convicts pleaded not guilty leading to the commencement of a full trial.

The court found them guilty after the trial and convicted them to 20 years imprisonment IHL.
Efforts are still underway to arrest Robert Sedofia


CREDIT: Effia Tenge, Head of Public Affairs Unit-Volta Police Command.


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