Angry Kpetoe youth burn down shrine over an alleged killing of a 90-year-old man

Some angry youth of Kpetoe in the Agortime -Ziofe district of the Volta region have stormed the house of one Fetish Priest called “Bobo”, burn down his shrine and gods at Wortikpo, a community in the Amedikpui electoral Area.

This development came a day after a horrific murder of a 90-year-old man, Joseph Darkoa, popularly called “Afetor Yesu” or Togbui Tawia by unknown persons.

According to information gathered by from the community, the divisional Chief of Kpetoe, Nene Tu Abre V and some youth of Agortime Kpetoe met to deliberate and find out ways to tackle further occurrences of such happenings and also question some suspected individuals who were fingered in the development.

The angry youth who were not happy with the situation accused elders of the community of being too quiet about the happenings.

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Nene Tu Abre V and the elders however admonished the youth to be calm as they go about in search of the missing head of the victim while the police also continue with their investigations.

The disturbed youth who could not hold their peace any longer, later mobilised themselves and marched to the house of the fetish priest whom they suspected of housing the suspects behind the killing and set the shrine and gods ablaze.

Luckily enough, the priest was not in the house at the time the house and shrine were set ablaze.

All efforts to trace the fetish priest’s whereabout in the house by the angry youth proved futile.

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The wife of the priest is said to have reported the incident to the police at Kpetoe who then went to take footage of the burnt shrine but no arrest has been effected yet.

Speaking to Hon. Philip Jomo Akpese, the Assembly member for Kpetoe South electoral area, he indicated that, no one has been instructed by any Chief or youth leader to take such action.

He observed that, the action of the youth might have been triggered by the level of anger brewing in them over the horrific development.

Hon. Dickson Addor, the Assembly member of Amedikpui electoral area where the shrine is located, explained to our reporter that, he was out of town at the time the youth of Kpetoe stormed the community and burnt the shrine.

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He said on his return, he visited the burnt house after receiving information from elders of the community.

He further narrated that, the sister of the fetish priest told him that, police from the Kpetoe Command were at the scene and picked some information including video footages.

According to him, elders of his community also took steps to report the issue to the police since they claimed they have no idea about the youth who came to commit the act. is following development regarding the incident.



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