Angry Peter Amewu condemns police action in Gordenu, Hohoe; calls for calm

Member of Parliament for Hohoe constituency, John Peter Amewu, has expressed his utter disappointment at events unfolding in Gordenu, Hohoe, where violence has erupted after a police vehicle run over a motorbike rider.

It is reported that the police had pursued a motorbike rider who they suspected of carrying marijuana, however, upon failing to get the rider to pull over, they knocked him down with their vehicle.

Irate community members infuriated by the police action attacked the patrol vehicle and set it ablaze.

In the ensuing violence, two others have died from gunshot wounds from police shooting, and 12 have been arrested.

Speaking on Top Story on Joy FM, John Peter Amewu who is en route to his constituency said he was disappointed with the conduct of the police and expected them to put to practice their professional training.

“I am quite shocked by this incident. This is not the first time this has happened. We had a similar incident about two months ago. This is not quite long after the transfer to the constituency by a new operational commander.

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“So I am very, very shocked and in disbelief – a state of worry, because especially knowing very well the level at which the current IGP has taken the police to in terms of training for the police to understand that they’re there to protect the lives of the citizens and if they end up killing the same people then I’m wondering the efforts by the IGP, of course it’s not going to be recognized and for me I’m highly disappointed in the event unfolding,” he said.

He expressed anger at the wayward manner in which the police acted and condemned same.

According to Peter Amewu, their actions put to question their training and their mission to protect Ghanaian lives.

“This gentleman was riding on a motorbike and the patrol vehicle chased this gentleman to stop. It was not a barrier. This is what I’ve been told. It wasn’t at a barrier. And they run down on the gentleman. I’ve been in contact with the IGP, I spoke to national security, it’s not a barrier.

If it’s a barrier and the guy refused to stop we’d all have something to say. This is not a barrier. An innocent citizen is riding a motorbike, you suspected him to be carrying the marijuana, there could be a way that you bring in your expertise to make sure that the gentleman stops and under no circumstance will you run over such a person and claim it’s an accident.

“I condemn this incident …there’s no way any citizen of this land will accept this incident. And I’m saddened especially knowing the efforts our current IGP has put into the training of our police in society. They’re there to protect citizens, they’re not to be killing the same citizens they’re to protect, otherwise who is going to be left for them to protect?” he said.

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Meanwhile, the MP has warned the operational commander in the Hohoe area to stay away from the community.

He revealed he has intercepted communication suggesting a raid on the town by the commander and his men, and has warned that such a provocation will result in bloodshed.

“They better tell him to stop. They better speak to that commander who is again saying he is marching to that community to ransack houses – anybody who is on air and is listening should call that gentleman and ask him to stop. I know what my boys are made of, nobody will entertain that nonsense.  Nobody will entertain that nonsense, and better ask him to stop immediately,” he fumed.


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