Anlo MP embarks on road construction projects  

Mr Richard Kwame Sefe, Member of Parliament for Anlo Constituency, is embarking on a project to build roads in the Agbledomi area to provide relief to residents.

The 1.8-kilometer project would connect six communities, including Agornume, Anyigbatsite, Dzefinu, and Kolikogbor, all of which are in the Agbledomi electoral area of the Anlo Constituency.

According to reports, residents of the area, primarily vegetable farmers and fishermen, struggled to transport their products to nearby markets due to a lack of access roads connecting their communities to the Anloga-Anyanui Highway.

The challenge has led to heavy losses of farm produce. 

Mr Jasper Agbonlahor, the Assembly-member, narrating their plight to the Ghana News Agency on Friday, said they paid huge sums of money to potters to transport their products to the roadside. 

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“We are mainly farmers here, but we find it very difficult transporting farm inputs like manure and fertilisers to our farms, even after harvesting, we do not have direct access to Anloga and Anyanui Market because there is no road, so the tomatoes, onion and other vegetables just rot on the farms,” he said. 

“Another major problem is how to transport sick people and pregnant women in labour to the hospital, we suffer a lot, because motorbikes cannot pass through the sand…we are very grateful to the MP for coming to our aid.” 

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According to the Member Parliament, the project, which involved clearing of the marked areas, laying of laterite and construction of drainage, costs about GHC80.000 without taxes. 

It started from Kolikogbor and expected to finish in few days to avert the plights of community members, he said. 

Mr Sefe, in an interview with the GNA, said the project was to enhance the welfare of his people.  

“My working visits made me to discover a lot of these problems, and this is just one of those road projects I intend to embark on for my people, I made a pledge to my people to seek their welfare and that is what I’m doing, I feel fulfilled doing all these.” 

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He hinted on other similar projects to be done, saying: “After we are done here, my next project is to work on the Anyanui-Wededeanu Road as well as Woe Dziedzorve Road too.”  

Agbledomi-Dzita is one of the coastal electoral areas in the Anloga District, bothered by the sea, the Keta Lagoon and creeks, hence the major economic activities in the area are farming, fishing, mangrove plantations and trading. 

However, access to market have been the major concern of the people over years, making the MP’s intervention a great relief.  



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