Apostle Victor Hunpkati Donates All Of Church’s Offering To Struggling Church Member

Volta Region’s most popular tele-evangelist and Founder cum General Overseer of the Hand Of God Church of All Nations (HOGCOAN) Apostle Victor Hunpkati has shocked his church members and the general public with his generosity. 

During his usual Sunday church service,  he handed over all the offerings and tithes of that day’s service to a pastor who was struggling  financially nans was contemplating suicide.

On that faithful day, Sunday 19th May, 2019; during the HOGCOAN Sunday Service, the Holy Spirit led Apostle Victor Hounkpati to a gentle man sat at the immediate front row.

The Holy Spirit spoke through Apostle Victor Hounkpati as he revealed the storm’s blowing in this gentleman’s ministry and personal life. He owns a church, and he prays for people. Once these people get breakthrough, they leave the church and pay their tithes elsewhere. Not even a single one of them comes back with any appreciation seed. His church kept going down and it’s financial status crumpling.

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Sometimes, this pastor did not eat or feed his family in a whole day. That was how bad the situation was. This pastor was eventually planning to commit suicide since the circumstances were weighing him down.

Sometimes the thoughts of some of the disappointments and starvation of his family made him break into tears even as a full grown man. He was very depressed as he saw himself as a total failure.

But as he was located by the Holy Spirit that Sunday, the man of God Apostle Victor Hounkpati revealed the root causes of all his problems and anointed him for financial breakthrough. The devil’s hand over his ministry and finances was removed to the glory of God.

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Because of his sad story, Apostle Victor Hounkpati gave all offerings, donations and every single coin that was received in church that Sunday to this Pastor to help him start life again from scratch. According to the man of God, if this was not done; we wouldn’t know how the pastor could survive even after leaving church that day.

It was all tears of joy and a dream come true of perfect breakthrough. The pastor went home with joy in his heart for the first time in many years.

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We are called to love one another unconditionally, and to help those who need our help. We bless God for touching another life through Apostle Victor Hounkpati and the entire HOGCOAN Ministry.

The kind gesture of Apostle Victor won the hearts of many who showered priases on him for not abandoning the needy.

Although, the issue happened months ago, it is still fresh in the minds and hearts of many as netizens have lauded and applaud the head pastor of the fast-growing church of his benovelence and act of selflessness.

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