At My Age I Can Teach Anyone How to Repair Motorcycles: 9-Year-Old Girl who is a Mechanic Says

Despite being only 9 years old, a school girl Susanna Adjakie-Apekor has a fixed crankshaft, back break, change the chain, and sprocket in motorcycles. The young girl is not stopping there but desires to fix bigger automobiles like cars, boats as well as airplanes in the future.

Susanna told BBC News Pidgin that she took interest in motorcycles at the young age of 3, thanks to her father Amudu.

It happened that her father had visited her and her mum, he complained about always being busy and would later explain that his mechanic work took most of his time.

The young girl then decided she’d like to go stay with her dad to learn his mechanic work, an idea her mother consented to and approved. At present, Susanna bragged that she can take anyone through repairing motorcycles at her age effortlessly.

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When she started learning, her father had initially nursed fears that the girl may not pick up fast but Susanna proved him wrong.

Susanna however admitted that her learning hasn’t been perfected as she still had to master the electrical aspect of fixing motorcycles. Speaking on how her daily routine goes, the girl who is class 3 said she is a day student and would go to the mechanic workshop after the close of school.

Susanna added that she someday wants to build her own shop.

Social media users praise the young girl Anthony Vincent said: “At this tender age you can repair bikes, it’s really a thing of joy to learn one’s dad’s trade.
You will not only repair planes, boats etc pls come and help us fix Nigeria too.” Marcellinus Chiakonam stated:

“This is d best education u can get. Self employment not learning who is d first president of Nigeria and other rubbish subjects that cannot help u in d future.
Parents this the best way.” Chukwudebelu Chisom wrote: “See beauty with brain..her accent alone says it will surely be a great mechanical Engineer or any other great proffesion in future..may God bless and lift u higher in Jesus Name Amen..”

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Cosmas Yinyuy Liba opined: “You are on the right track princess…the sky is your springboard my dear. Let me also thank your dad for his wisdom…oga Weldone ooh…your daughter shall make you proud even more than she is already doing”

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A man identified as Destiny had taken his car to Evbareke Auto Spare Parts Market when he came in contact with the young lad and took photos of him. Destiny while praising Benjamin, highlighted the importance of learning a skill early in life as it was key to being good at one’s job, especially in a country where a university degree doesn’t guarantee a job after school. While many people condemned it as they argued that Benjamin was being robbed of his childhood, others commended him for being hardworking despite his young age.



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