Boycott on sand winning at Keta shorelines still in force – MCE

Mr Emmanuel Gemegah, Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Keta, has said the boycott on sand winning and its related exercises at shorelines within the Region is still in constrain.

He said in spite of the fact that there were engagements continuous inside the Gathering to resolve the issue of citizens’ require for sand and rock for different purposes, at the minute, “sand winning exercises at our shorelines stay prohibited.”

Mr Gemegah who talked in an meet with the Ghana News Office said he would convene a assembly of the Metropolitan Security Committee to examine issues of the boycott and do a thorough assessment to discover out on the off chance that individuals were ridiculing the ban.

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He said the following line of activity would stem from the Chamber meeting. He was responding to unverified reports of individuals still winning sand at the shorelines beneath the cover of darkness.

The Keta Metropolitan Get together, in November 2021 introduced a joint Police and Military taskforce to uphold the boycott on sand mining at the shorelines taking after a tidal storm prior within the month, which caused demolition to some coastal communities within the Municipality.

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The boycott pointed to serve as an prompt degree to curb within the obliterating impacts of the sea on individuals in conjunction with Keta’s coastal communities as a few state offices and other specialists named sand winning from the shorelines as one of the causes of ocean erosion.

Whereas Mr Gemegah denied information of the hone as progressing, he guaranteed that the Gathering would explore the claim for the activity required to be taken.

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The MCE said the Get together was meanwhile , looking for sees on locks in interested companies to dig the ocean to create accessible sufficient sand to serve the sand needs of citizens.”

Engagements are progressing to resolve the issue of sand needs within the District.

Some companies have appeared intrigued in digging our ocean but we are careful to hasten slowly because we don’t need the Gathering to be taken to ransom.


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