Chilling details of how suspects killed 12-year-old boy in Nornyikpo for rituals

Seven persons have been arrested in connection with the disappearance and murder of 12-year-old Cornelius Negble at Nornyikpo in the Agotime-Ziope District of the Volta Region. 

The suspects included Hunor Kofi Koko, 30, a spiritualist, 30, Kwamevi Kagbeto, 37, Anani Koko, 23, Senanu Ashitor Atsikpo, 28, Louis Etse, 25 and Fianyo Sandema 39 and Kudzo Akpatsu, 49 and father of suspect Morris, who is at large. 

According to the Police, five of the suspects admitted to playing various roles in the abduction and killing of the deceased for ritual purposes and narrated how the murder was orchestrated and executed. 

The Volta Regional Police Commander, DCOP Edward Oduro Kwateng, said one of the suspects, Mr Ashitor Atsikpo who deals in human parts, told them he was aided by two assigns of Mr Hunor Kofi, Mr Anani Koko, and Mr Morris to kill the boy.

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This was after they succeeded in luring him into a nearby forest.

The corpse was delivered to the shrine of Mr Hunor Kofi in Nudowukorpe in fulfilment of a promise by Mr Ashitor Atsikpo to make available human parts to use in performing sacrifices in building a new deity. 

DCOP Edward Oduro Kwateng detailed that preliminary investigations revealed Mr Senanu’s involvement in the murder of the little boy for ritual purposes. 

He explained a second visit to Mr Hunor Kofi’s shrine led to the exhumation of the 12-year-old boy’s head while his maggot-infested headless body was kept in a sack. His kidney, heart and penis were removed.

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He added that “one Sanya motorbike with registration number M-19-VR-1348 used in conveying the body of Cornelius Negble, one pair of slippers belonging to the deceased was recovered from where the killing took place.

“A single slipper recovered from the shrine at Nuduwukorpe belonging to Senanu Ashitor Atsikpo, a set of dresses belonging to Hunor Kofi Koko, but recovered from Senuanu Ashitor Atsikpo. It is worthy to note here that because Senanu had his clothes drenched in blood, he requested Hunor Kofi Koku to issue him a new set of dresses. This was done to avoid any suspicion. One duster belonging to Anani Koko was also retrieved from the shrine. All items retrieved are retained for evidential purpose”, he explained.

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“The body has since been removed and sent to the Police Hospital in Accra for preservation and autopsy”, he said. 

He explained it took a collaborative effort with their counterparts in Togo to arrest Hunor Kofi, who fled to the neighbouring country upon sensing danger.

All seven suspects have been remanded into Police Custody by Samuel Essel Walker after they were arraigned before the Kpetoe District Magistrate Court and would reappear on July 5, 2021. 

He, therefore, urged the public to timely inform the police on suspected criminal acts to avert the unfortunate from hapoening.



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