Educational Support Fund Launched For KETASCO Students

The Deputy MD for the Presta Sankofa Gold Ltd, Josephine Selassie Aku-Sika Ohene Boateng has initiated an educational support fund for brilliant but needy students in the Keta Senior High Technical School (KETASCO) in the Volta Region.

This initiative which is The Josephine and Jesus (J&J) Award fund is also to encourage students who need educational support, to endeavor and put their whole best to learn for better future.

Madam Josephine, who is also a past student of 1987 year group, indicated that this support fund will go a long way to encourage as well as create the urge in students who are needy to learn hard.

She added that not all students have a level playing ground financially thus encouraging them to make use of this opportunity given them to climb higher the academic ladder.

Madam Josephine explained that these activities will not help the school and its needy students hence the urge to bring in the educational support fund and an award program for students in Junior High School One , Two and Three.

She stated that the awards in the form of cash, would be given to the students who perform well in each academic year in the school, adding that it is not gender-based.

Agbotadua Kumasa who launched the educational support fund also entreated the students to compete for the support.

In all, nine students will benefit from the support every academic year.
Mama Ketor IV also charged the female students not to allow the male students benefit more than them. 

Headmaster of the school Mr. Isaac Dzidzienyo lauded the efforts of the The Josephine and Jesus (J&J) Award fund, indicating that this will help the students to who are financially down to learn hard and achieve their goals.

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The Municipal Chief Executive, Emmanuel Gemegah in his address, stated that the support from Madam Josephine will create room for academic improvement in the school.

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He said there are many brilliant students in the school who needs financial support and this fund will erect the drive in them to learn hard and pass their examinations.

Mr. Gemegah however stated that the school needs other supports in terms of educational facilities. He said that as he has assumed office, he will lobby for more facilities for the school to improve academic activities.
He encouraged the students to strive and uplift the glory of the school at all course.

Speaking to the students, they pledged their commitment to studying hard and making the school proud in terms of academic.

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They added that this educational support fund and award initiative will drive them to relax and focus on the books so as to excel in their examinations since most of them are financially stranded and leave their books to look for money.

Story By Kekeli K. Blamey|


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