Ghana Boundary Commission set to resolve boundary disputes with Togo, Burkina-Faso

The Ghana Boundary Commission (GBC) has initiated moves to resolve all boundary disputes with neighbouring Togo and Burkina-Faso.

The intervention has led to a temporary resolution of the boundary dispute between Ghana and Togo along river Kolpelig at Pulmakom in the Pusiga District.

An agreement has also been reached with the Boundary Commission of Burkina Faso to engage further in resolving all identified boundary disputes at Paga and Sapeliga in the Kassena West and Bawku West districts respectively.

In 2020, Togo was reported to have trespassed its boundary at the Kolpelig river, a tributary to the White Volta claiming ownership of parts of Gareke, a suburb of Pulmakom.

The country also prevented the Volta River Authority from extending electricity to the Beelintange community also within the Pulmakom claiming jurisdiction of the area.

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The situation also affected Ghana’s security officials patrolling the general boundary area.

But after an evaluation of the disputed boundary areas between the land boundary commissions of Ghana and Togo, the Togo Boundary Commission agreed to work with pre-existing demarcations.

Speaking to Citi News at Beelintange, National Coordinator of Ghana Boundary Commission, Major Gen. Emmanuel Kotia, said, the dispute has been resolved and the population of both countries shall be educated to respect the 1962 boundary demarcation legacy agreement.

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“The Boundary Commissions of Ghana and Togo have agreed that the 1962 boundary demarcation (Legacy Agreement) using river Pulmakom as the boundary line be respected.”

“The Ghana security agencies are allowed to extend their activities to the banks of river Pulmakom. The Ghana Immigration Service and Customs should open appropriate posts to cover entry points of the boundary”.

“The Ghana and Togo boundary commissions will jointly carry out sensitization programmes both in Ghana (Pulmakom) and Togo (Cinkasse) to educate the population on the decisions taken and the need to respect the demarcated boundaries by September 2021. The technical committees of the two commissions will undertake a technical installation of all missing boundary pillars as soon as possible”.

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The GBC also engaged the boundary commission of Burkina-Faso to resolve issues about activities of Youga mining company limited around Sapeliga in the Bawku West District and evaluate and install all missing pillars along the Paga boundary line.

Major Gen. Kotia, said, both countries have agreed to discuss further the issues for an amicable resolution.

Permanent Secretary of the Burkina-Faso boundary commission Zagre Leontine commended the effort of the Ghana boundary commission and was optimistic both countries can resolve the issues and strengthen the ties between them.



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