Ghana can be the leading producer of palm oil in the world if… – Artisanal Palm Oil Millers

President of the Artisanal Palm Oil Millers and Outgrowers Association of Ghana, Paul Kwabena-Amaning, has said the oil palm industry in Ghana can feed the whole of Europe if the government invests in the sector.

According to him, if the government invests in the palm oil sector, Ghana will be the leading producer in the world.

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He further stressed that Ghana has all the raw materials to be one of the leading producers of palm oil hence government needs to invest in the oil palm industry to make it lucrative to create jobs for Ghanaian youth.

Speaking on Accra-based Kingdom FM, he said “The oil palm industry has the capacity to feed the whole of Europe, this can be achieved if the government invest huge sums of money in the palm oil industry.”

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He believes the land tenure system which works perfectly in Malaysia helps them to grow palm trees on a large scale and process the fruits into quality oil.

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He further stated that the commercialization of oil palm will boost the country’s economy and reduce the unemployment rate.

Source: Pulse Ghana


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