Ghana must impose one week compulsory isolation on visitors, says expert

Clinical research fellow Dr Justice Boakye Appiah argues the current regime for testing and isolation for arrival of visitors into the country is not effective

Dr Justice Boakye Appiah, medical practitioner, clinical research fellow and immune volcanologist, is advocating for a compulsory isolation for visitors into the country.

He argues that the current regime for testing and isolation for arrival of visitors into the country is not working properly.

Speaking to Benjamin Offei-Addo on Candid Voice, Dr Appiah said the current regime of testing at the airport is dangerous and must be revised immediately.

“Previously we did not have the UK strain in Ghana. We started with the authentic virus and suddenly we are having an influx of the UK strain which is taking over. Ghana is doing airport testing so, how did we get a takeover of this UK strain,” he said.

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Dr Appiah added: “Definitely we do need to impose compulsory isolation when people come into the country, Canada is doing a 10-day isolation and you have to pay for it yourself, UK is implementing it, we have to do it. We cannot let people just go through.”

According to him, most people will be skipping through the incubation period for the viral disease if they are not allowed to compulsorily isolate.

“Even with the three-day airport testing it is not enough, we will still be missing people who are incubating. There must be one-week isolation period for arrival into the country else we will be missing a lot of these people.”

He is pushing for a strict monitoring of the testing regime for visitors at the airport following reports of  people allegedly paying bribes to skip testing at the airport.

“We also need to keep a very close attention to people at the airport. We have all heard news of people paying or skipping through paying $50, instead of the $150 and sometimes $20 to airport staff and are being made to go through without doing the test. Clearly, that is what this data is demonstrating that whatever we are doing at the airport is not working and that there are problems with the system.

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“We have to follow the science, the science clearly said it is not enough to require threes day on arrival testing and let people go away. There must be a follow up isolation period  and it is not enough to allow people to go through the airport paying bribes and not doing the testing.”

Source: citinewsroom

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