I am ready to work with any PM elected for the assembly-Ho MCE

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Ho municipal assembly, Divine Kormla Blossom has expressed willingness to work with any presiding member elected by the assembly members.

His comments come after the Ho municipal assembly failed to elect a new presiding member to stir the affairs of the assembly.

Mr. Bosson said, even though the failure to elect the presiding member for the assembly during the two attempts will delay works in the assembly, it is good the best person is elected in the interest of the assembly.

He reiterated that, he is ready to work with anyone elected by the honourable members since it is their right to elect who will lead them.

The Ho municipal assembly has organised an election to elect new presiding member to lead the assembly members for the next two years.

Out of the total of 45 Assembly members, 43 were present to cast their votes.

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In the first round, Hon. Akpakli Jonny Komla, the incumbent, had 20 votes representing 46.7 and Hon. Agbe Mawunyo had 23 votes representing 53.3.

A second round of the election was held and none of the contestants were able to attain the 2/3 of the votes cast with Mr. Akpakli having 18 votes and Mr. Mawunyo Agbe, 25 representing 46.7 and 58.7 respectively.

The election is expected to be held again after ten days per the constitution as none of the contestants was able to gain the needed vote to emerge winner.

However, Hon Divine Kormla Bosson has noted that, it is good the election was done to fulfil the constitution but failure to elect the presiding member will delay works in the assembly.

He therefore called on the members of the assembly to do the needful within the next ten days.

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In an interview with the incumbent Akpakli Johnny, he is optimistic, he will win and lead the Assembly members again for his second term.

He noted that even though his competitor is campaigning against him with allegations that, he is not be accountable to the assembly, he will not step down since all what he is saying is not true.

On the side of Mawunyo Agbe, assembly members for Ahoe Duga and the keen contestant, he alleged that, there were lot expected from the incumbent but he couldn’t deliver.

According to him, the incumbent never briefed the assembly about anything from the president that has to do with the assembly.

“He is now old and must allow we the youth to work and bring change into the assembly from where he left it” he said.

Togbe Kwaku Tro, a government appointee lamented that, the assembly members have divided the assembly on political ground without putting the interest of the development of the assembly first.

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According to him, there are many allegations on the incumbent that, he is presiding over the assembly members with political influence since he belongs to the NPP party which members belonging to the NDC party are against.

“If we are doing this, it means we don’t love ourselves or put the development of the assembly first but rather our individual interest,” he lamented.

He therefore called on all the members of the assembly to go home and do their home works well before the next ten days adding that, the interest of the assembly should be paramount to all.

The electoral commission is expected to hold another election within the next ten days.



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