I Don’t Like Going To Church – Majid Michel

Despite being an Evangelist, actor Majid Michel says he does not like going to church.

“I have never liked going to church. I am not a churchgoer because I hate waking up in the morning. Since I was young, my siblings teased me about it. [When] I was in church, I am like ‘mum I want to eat bread and egg’. It [the service] is too early and I never ever in my entire life enjoyed church, and I still don’t,” he told the host, Fifi Folson.

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Majid added that there were times he did not understand the sermons and the teachings being taught at the church.

“My problem was, I never understood, what they were teaching, and this was what created the hunger as I grew up. I knew God, but I didn’t understand the sermons and the teachings I was hearing.”

That was when he was able to even have a covenant with God among many other things. “The pastor was an anchor in my life at the moment,” Majid said.

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The actor said that his interest currently lies in acquiring knowledge about the things of God and not acting.

According to him, although one of his goals was to feature in Hollywood movies and be on set with Arnold Schwarzenegger and jump from helicopters, that has changed.

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“I can regenerate the interest if I want to but the interest for Hollywood, and doing all these movies I wanted to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger – jumping from the helicopters, the thrill has just left. It moved to knowledge in the things of God. It was a hunger for knowledge.”



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