IGNEWSS INVESTIGATES: Ho Polyclinic blood bank turns “white elephant”

In the quest to unravel woes from the Ho Polyclinic in the Volta regional capital, Inside Ghana News Service can confirm that, after years of installation of a blood bank at the facility, the fridges are yet to taste a drop of blood.

Checks revealed that the banks since it’s establishment some two years ago has not had a drop of blood to cater for any patients who are in need of blood from the facility.

The situation has triggered Inside Ghana News Service (IGNEWSS) to find reasons to circumstances leading to the neglect as the situation also threatens goal 3 of the Sustainable Development Goal which seeks to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Some authorities told IGNEWSS reporter that, the clinic has no funds to organize or even buy blood into the Bank for use in the clinic therefore, the bank has become a white elephant in the facility.

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In an interview with Management of the clinic, they were saddened by the situation and other challenges facing the Ghana Health Service facility.

However, Dr. Irish D. Adzah the Medical Superintendent at the clinic confirmed IGNEWSS’ finding about the facility saying, “Yes we have a blood bank but we don’t have blood”.

She is however appealing to all benevolent organizations and individuals to support the clinic financially to organize blood donation exercise to enable the Clinic fill its bank with quality blood.

“We need some funds to organise a blood donation exercise so that people will come and donate blood for us” Dr. Irish Adzah added.

Facility still operate manually

In this modern technological era where digitization and IT have been adopted by many sectors to enhance productivity,  It was also discovered in an interview in some departments of the Polyclinic that, the facility which was upgraded in 2018 still goes with manual data collection and inputs of client’s information and details.

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According to the Medical Superintendent “the facility needs technological equipment such as laptops for some departments since we are trying to move from the manual to the electronic ways of data collection.”

Dr. Iris Adzah lamented on how the facility has to shut their machines down when it is about to rain to prevent damage and pleaded for supply of power stabilizers.

“We have to turn off our major machines in the facility so it won’t be affected by the lighting in case thunder strikes.”

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Water crises at the facility

Another critical situation the facility has been faced with is the unavailability of water supply in the facility.

This water crisis has in many occasions forced practitioners in the facility to spend their working hours in search of water in town.

“We are facing water challenges. My nurses come to work and they have to be carrying buckets around looking for water so getting a borehole will be quite helpful to us.” Dr. Iris Adzah lamented.

The situation however, needs an urgent attention as the facility can not run without good and adequate supply of water.

The question is; is the Ministry of health through the Volta regional health directorate aware of these numerous challenges facing this accredited National health provider facility?



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