I’m doing my best, but I cannot help everyone – Edem

Ayigbe Edem has addressed the constant bickering of his kinspeople concerning their music careers. The musician disclosed that his strength has its limit despite his best efforts.

Born Denning Edem Hotor, Edem is a Ghanaian recording artist and entertainer who believes in uplifting genuineness and authenticity. During his live video on Facebook to interact with his fans, Edem was bombarded with questions about helping other artists from his region (Volta region) and tribe.

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In response, Edem revealed how the limit of his abilities, a one-man band, has gone unnoticed because of his tremendous progress in that category.

“I cannot help everybody. That is the truth of the matter. Because I, myself, need help to further. I am pushing myself whilst I try to lift other people. So I try my very best to make sure I hold the region down. And I’m no longer making it about a particular artiste. I’m making it about trying to find ways to bring everybody up. So the question of you not helping the Volta artistes should end because nobody comes through for my brothers than me.

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“Nobody puts his neck on the line than me. Nobody puts their career on the line representing a tribe than me. Nobody fights from boardroom to TV to putting out records to trying to make sure that everybody.”

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Edem also informed critics that his helping arm spreads across to reach every upcoming artiste that needs a push.

“I will help, and I will always help. And it doesn’t have to be only the Volta artiste. It has to be any artiste who is coming up or any artiste that reaches out for support because, yes, I love my region, but I always love Ghana,” Edem concluded.

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