I’m Ready To Partner Mahama As Running Mate – Togbe Afede

In a recent development surrounding the potential running mate for John Dramani Mahama in the 2024 elections, Togbe Afede XIV, the Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State, has expressed his willingness to serve the country in any capacity, including partnering with the NDC flagbearer for the 2024.

However, Togbe Afede stated that the decision to choose a running mate ultimately rests with the flag bearer, who already knows him well, indicating that he is ready to abdicate his throne for the purpose of joining the mainstream politics.

Albeit traditional rulers and custodians of their respective communities are supposed to remain neutral in their day-to-day administration, to enable them to get the fair share of the national cake of projects but Togbe Afede thinks otherwise and want to be politician cum chief.

Ghana’s 1992 Constitution disallows chiefs to actively take part in partisan politics so as to do away with the current situation where they flout the law and nothing happens to them.

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Article 276 of the 1992 Constitution says: ‘(1) A chief shall not take part in active party politics; and any chief wishing to do so and seeking election to Parliament shall abdicate his stool or skin; (2) Notwithstanding clause (1) of this article and paragraph (c) of clause (3) of article 94 of this Constitution, a chief may be appointed to any public office of which he is otherwise qualified’.

The list of possible contenders for the position of running mate has been growing, with names such as Julius Debrah, former Chief of Staff to President Mahama, Member of Parliament for Asunafo Eric Opoku who is enjoying the support Lordina Mahama, and retired Police Commissioner Nathan Kofi Boakye joining the 2020 running mate, Prof Jean Naana Opoku Agyemang for the NDC running mate slot. Nonetheless, the Asogli State Council issued a statement to clarify the situation.

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The statement from the Asogli State Council emphasized Togbe Afede’s passion for the development of Ghana. It highlighted his dedication to the country, having returned to Ghana immediately after completing his studies at Yale in the United States. The statement also mentioned that numerous groups and individuals have approached Togbe Afede over the years, encouraging him to actively engage in political leadership. In response, Togbe Afede has consistently emphasized that chieftaincy offers avenues for Chiefs and Queens to contribute to national development.

The statement further revealed that a group known as the “Change Makers Forum” recently approached Togbe Afede to consider joining President Mahama as his running mate for the 2024 Presidential election. In his response, Togbe Afede acknowledged his patriotic duty to serve the country and expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him.
However, he reiterated that the final decision rests with the flagbearer, who is already well-acquainted with him.

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The Asogli State Council apologized for any surprise or embarrassment caused by the speculation surrounding Togbe Afede’s potential candidacy.

They emphasized their commitment to an open-door policy, welcoming communication and feedback from all citizens and stakeholders.

As the race for the NDC running mate heats up, Togbe Afede’s willingness to serve the country has emerged as a prominent consideration. However, the final decision lies in the hands of John Mahama, who will carefully weigh his options before announcing his choice.

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