“I’ve created functional cordiality among authorities and assembly members” – Hon. Akpakli

The Presiding Member for the Ho Municipal Assembly, Hon. John Akpabli has iterated his readiness to contest and be retained in office as the Presiding Member for the Ho Municipal Assembly.

Mr. Akpakli who is seeking re-election to retain the seat was elected in January 23, 2020 with Majority vote in accordance with the Assembly election procedures and served for two years.

In an exclusive interview with IGNEWSS ahead of election scheduled for today, February 8, 2022, Mr. Akpakli is confident of maintaining his position as the Presiding Member for the second time.

Counting on his promises and achievement in his tenure of office Hon. Akpakli disclosed that, he has brought about cordiality among the various departments in the Assembly.

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According to him, he has been able to fulfil almost all his promises made to the Members including the Assembly allowances and in his docket is also the Welfare of the Assembly Members he promised.

He further detailed that, he promised and make sure the assembly’s shares reached each electoral Area through their representatives (Assembly Members) which he said has brought unity and understanding in the Ho Municipal Assembly

He mentioned that, he achieved all by applying the knowledge he acquired from Justice Conflict Peace and Security and the working experience he acquired from the Kofi Annan International Peace and Security Center (KAIPKC).

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Despite the harmony and Cordiality built between his office and the Management, Mr. Akpakli said, his effort was crumbled by the deadly COVID 19 pandemic.

“I have created a very powerful functional relationship between myself and Management that we move in harmony and anything we asked we get but because of the COVID 19 the assembly ran out fund making the assembly run into arrears. I can recall that, the assembly members attend meetings without allowances and not even water to drink”

He added that with proper management skills adopted, the assembly has cleared the arrears of the Assembly members.

Hon. John Akpakli said, he has also used his office to intervene in the legal actions Ho Market Stores owners want to take against the assembly.

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“My confidence level is high because I knew that within a year I was able to achieve a lot for the assembly members. Had it not been me, the assembly would’ve been inundated with a lot of Court actions against the the assembly”

He made it known that it took proper negotiation and proper settlement to reach an agreement between the assembly and residents in many issues.

Mr. John Akpakli will be keenly contested by Mr. Mawunyo Agbey, the Assembly Member for Ahoe Duga electoral Area.


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