Jasikan placed first in 2021 Oti District League Table

The Jasikan District has emerged as the overall best among the Municipal and Districts in the Oti region on the 2021 District League Table (DTL) with a score of 70.45 and placed 62nd nationwide.

The DTL since its inception in 2014, has served as one of the important tools for measuring the status of development at the subnational level.

The 2021 DLT Report ranked all 261 Metropolitan, Municipal and Districts (MMDs) on the wellbeing of its citizens based on seven sectors and 22 indicators with a focus on the survival and development of children.

The selected indicators incorporate both the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and African Union Agenda 2063 indicators to generate appropriate district level data and analysis for achieving these international commitments.

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The sectors are Health, education, water, sanitation, energy, nutrition, and governance.
Biakoye placed second with a score of 70.34 and 67th nationwide, Kadjebi with a score of 67.07 placed third in the region and 109th nationwide.

Nkwanta North with 65.89 score placed fourth in the region and 128th nationwide, Krachi Nchumuru with 58.83 to place fifth in the region and 206th nationwide and Krachi West placed sixth in the region and 208th nationwide with 58.58 score.

Nkwanta South scored 57.72 to place seventh in the region and 213th nationwide and Guan placed last and 232nd nationwide with a score of 54.71.

The performances under each sector revealed that Jasikan placed first and 72nd nationwide with a score of 24.71 while under health, Krachi West topped with 83.92 score and placed 47th nationwide.

Biakoye placed first under nutrition sector with 97.87 score and eighth at the national level and under sanitation sector, Jasikan placed first with a score of 77.80 and 30th nationwide.

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Under the governance sector, Nkwanta North placed first in the region and fifth nationwide with 99.50 score and Biakoye with 90.00 placed first and 53rd position nationwide under the water sector.

Biakoye also placed 1st in the region and 68th nationwide with a score of 95.00 under the energy sector.

Other findings showed that Guan District is among 10 MMDs with the least score in the health sector with a score of 20.68 and 258th position nationwide.

Biakoye District finds itself under the top 10 MMDs in the nutrition sector with a score of 97.90, placing eighth position at the national level and Nkwanta North also placed among the top ten MMDs under the governance sector with a score of 99.50 and placing fifth nationwide.

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The Oti region placed 14th under governance, 12th under energy, eighth under sanitation, 13th under water, fourth under nutrition, 13th under health and 11th under education sectors.

It was recommended that the government through the Ministry of Local Government, Decentralisation and Rural Development should accelerate the devolution process to allow for better coordination and monitoring of district service delivery.

It was also recommended that the Office of the Head of Local Government Service should facilitate the supply of adequate skilled personnel to facilitate effective service delivery, especially in the area of health, social welfare, sanitation, and education.

Source: GNA


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