Keta Business College Old student donates water storage facility to school

Dr Seth Kwami Anani, an old student of Keta Business College (KETABUSCO), has constructed and handed over a 20,000-litre mechanised water tank to the alma mater.

The project, which would help resolve the water problem the school had been facing over the last three months, was handed over for use on his birthday.

Dr Anani is the second old student to mark his birthday with a donation to the school after Mr Frank Lawoe some months ago celebrated his birthday by handing over a newly constructed basketball court.

Dr Anani, who is also the immediate past President of KETABUSCO Old Students Association (KEBSOSA), in a speech during the presentation, said he recently saw students with their buckets trying to fetch water from a well and drinking water from a tank situated far from them and from his enquiries, realised all the pumps, which distributed water to the school broke down.

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“This donation is to the glory of God and not for the applause or to impress anyone. It is to provide a critical need for students and staff, including those in the kitchen. Among others, it will provide convenience, save precious time for academic work and prevent any potential water-borne diseases that could cause potential epidemic if water sources are questionable.”

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Madam Matilda Dzotefe, Headmistress, KETABUSCO, was grateful for the project and looked forward to more such interventions to address other problems of the school.

“This project aims at solving one of the numerous challenges facing the school such as lack of science laboratory, Science equipment, Food laboratory, Home Economics Practical room, visitors lounge, infirmary, staff accommodation. As usual Oliver Twist asks for more, I wish to use this opportunity to urge as many Coronats as are touched to emulate this move and help the school.”

Dr. Simon Harvey, a former Chairman, Project and Funding Committee of KEBSOSA, described the donation as “an overwhelming gesture worth emulating” and urged people not to give because they had enough but “because you know what it feels to not have anything.”

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Mr Kodzo Sedegah, President of KEBSOSA, speaking to the Ghana News Agency, thanked Dr Anani and Mr Lawoe for their show of love to the school.

He acknowledged contributions of other individuals and year groups for the support to the school and said the school needed every support it could get from them to become one of the best schools in the country.

Source: GNA


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