Low Patronage Hits Oti, Volta Mango Farmers

Mango farmers in Krachi East Municipality and Vakpo of the Volta Region are complaining bitterly about poor marketing which is adversely affecting their sales.

Mr. Michael Yaw Gyato, former Member of Parliament who runs about 115 acres of mango farm in the Krachi East Municipality, has expressed worry over the ugly development. He said the poor marketing strategies have affected their sales during this major season.

He said even though HPW Company came to purchase a few mangoes, the bulk is left to go bad.

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The Ghana News Agency (GNA) gathered that the mango produce worth hundreds of millions in Oti and Volta region have already been devoured by malignant insects since they invaded the two regions about some few months ago.

A visit to the farm by the GNA observed that almost all the mature and ripe mangoes were infested, and many were on the ground rotten.

His story is not different from that of Mr. Kingsley Peter Abitty, another farmer who owns 24 acres mango farm at Vakpo in the Volta Region who also complained about unavailable market for this year’s bumper harvest.

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Mr. Stephen Kpogo, who also owned a larger mango farm at Tafi in the Kpando Municipality, complained about how low patronage is affecting mango farmers in the area. He said they don’t get buyers when the mangoes are mature, and the post harvest loss is heavy.

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He said since they don’t have buyers to buy the mangoes, paying labourers becomes difficult.

Apparently worried by the development, the farmers are calling on the state agencies, Ministry of Food and Agriculture, to as a matter of urgency intervene for possible solution.

They called on government to facilitate mango processing factories in the two regions and also encourage proper value chain processes in the mango industry.

Source; Daily Guide


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