Mother dips daughter’s hand in hot water for eating fish meant to be sold

A furious mother dipped the hands of her five-year-old daughter in hot water for consuming 95% of the fish she acquired to sell for profit.

The single mother narrated that she had borrowed the sum of N10K (GHS 182) to startup a fish business so as to raise funds for the school fees of her two kids.

In a tweet, the narrator wrote that the mother, upon returning to only 1 of the 19 fishes she had kept for sale, she boiled water and dipper her daughter’s hand into it.

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She said she was frustrated that she might not be able to pay back the loan and also pay the fees for her children, and exerted the anger on her five-year-old.

According to a Twitter user working with the Rights organization, who made the issue public, the condition of the young girl is fatal.

He wrote, accompanying it with pictures of the lass’ scaled hand:

I personally took these pictures holding back tears..
Mother dips five-year-old daughter’s hands in hot water for stealing fish in Calabar Cross River State.

Her Mother, a food vendor prepared 19 pieces of fish for her business and went out; on getting back, she met only one

She then boiled hot water and dipped her hands.
Our organization Basic Rights Counsel Initiative has been taking care of the medical bills for weeks now.

See how lovely she is, even in pains, she wanted to play with my phone and she can’t stop swinging the hands

Her mother stated that the father of the child abandoned her two years ago and she still has an 8 year old daughter to take care of all by herself.

She shared how hard it was for her to feed/pay rent. She admitted that the child had not eaten and was hungry when she ate the fish

She stated that she was frustrated because she had borrowed 10,000 naira the previous week to pay back 15,000. She used the money to start up the fish business and also to pay their fees(She has 2 children) So when she went to the market to buy some foodstuff only to come back.

Source: Adomonline


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