NORTH DAYI: 30 PWD’s Get Government support

A total of thirty person’s living with disabilities (PWDs) in the North Dayi district of the Volta region have received support under the LEAP program, aimed at poverty reduction and eradication in the Ghana.

The District Chief Executive of the area, Hon. Kudzo Atttah, noted that the distribution of the relief items to PWD’s is to help empower them and aimed at poverty reduction in the North Dayi district.

He noted that, the North Dayi district has a huge number of PWDs hence the need to support and empower them to be independent and also contribute to the development of the district and Ghana as a whole.

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The relief items distributed includes wheelchair, white cane, walking sticks among others and startups included baking oven, cassava, fufu and corn processors, catalase, spraying machine with chemicals, bread flavor, pots, deep freezers, containers among others.

He advised the beneficiaries to put into good use the relief items to alleviate them from poverty.

He added that “the items we are giving them are of high quality and in large quantity which will have impact on them to the extent that they will not be beneficiaries in the next distribution but will be able to employ abled people”.

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“In the next few years you will see them and be marveled not because they don’t have money rather because the are disabled due to their physical look, mentally they are sound , emotionally they should be strong and socially they should be integrated into our communities”.

Gyasehehe of Anfoega Traditional Area Togbe Odoom Kumato III also advised the beneficiaries to make good use of the relief items to the elevation of themselves from poverty and also help in the development of their community and the district as a whole.

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He also caution caretakers to ensure they use the equipment to the benefit of their disabled relatives to make life simple and comfortable for them.

He however commended government and the DCE for their support to the elevation of the PWDs and eradication of poverty in the country.



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