“Open our borders now”Aflao residents – Cry Out

Residents of Aflao and its enclave are demanding for the opening of the Ghana-Togo Border at Aflao and other auxiliary ones which have been closed since the COVID-19 broke out. 

Some towns in the areas concerned to keep updated on the issues, majority of the business owners complained bitterly about the fact that the closure has affected their livelihood. They confessed how economically stranded they have become since accessing the borders is a problem. 

“Our borders have been closed for a year now and all economic activities have ground to a halt. Most of us can’t pay school fees and funds to even sustain our families are not there. We’re in the midst of plenty yet hungry. Are we not part of the country?”- a group of women angrily voiced. 

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The authorities have also been told to stop using the outbreak of COVID-19 as an excuse since a lot of people are traveling in and out of the country everyday. According to them, even if there is the fear of a possible spread of the virus through the entry points, the right measures should be put in place to check it. 

“No one is saying that he/she is above the laws of the land but we just want the right thing to be done. The virus is here to stay but we’ve to eat, feed our families and pay school fees as well. Let’s learn to put right measures in play to control it rather than shutting the people out of their daily bread. We’re hungry and angry at the moment”. 

The main Ghana-Togo Border at Aflao and the other entry points link a lot of the towns to Togo in terms of trade and other economic activities. People have been affected because generally, their livelihood depends on the opening of the borders. This pent up emotions we are told, have also affected the smooth enumeration of the residents during the 2021 Ghana Population Census. 

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In a twist to this development, the residents are planning to hit the street to impress on the government to open the borders. This demonstration they say has become necessary due to the suffering of businesses in the area. 

The demonstration which is slated for Friday, 27th August, 2021 at Aflao is said to be gathering momentum as the residents gird their loins in readiness. 


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