Stop buying hot food in plastics – Minister warns Ghanaians

The Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation Dr Kwaku Afriyie has called on Ghanaians to stop purchasing food wrapped in plastic in order to avoid the risk it poses to one’s health.

The Minister also wants laws to be put in place banning the use of plastics for selling food across the country.

Speaking at the national launch of the Plastic Waste Management Campaign held in Abetifi, Eastern Region, under the theme: “Plastic is a Resource, Not a Waste: Pushing the Agenda of a Circular Economy’ to encourage recycling and safer reuse of plastic while providing jobs,” Dr Afriyie stressed on the risks posed to persons who consume food from plastics.

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He said: “The binding substance sometimes leaches into our body and destroys the internal functions. As a doctor, I know that. If you are a female, the plastic chemical composite shape is the same structure as part of your hormones and it can disrupt your menstrual cycle and cause problems.

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“If you are a male, it can also enter the system and interfere with Spermatogenesis. Because it is chronic in nature, it happens small, small, so you might not appreciate it.”

He continued that: “Pass laws to prevent Kenkey users from using plastic to wrap Kenkey before boiling. Stop buying if hot food is in plastic.

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“All the women wrapping plastic over corn dough before cooking; put a stop to it.”

The minister also emphasised the benefits of recycling plastic waste as a nation.

“Plastic recycling reduces trash in the ocean, it creates new jobs, especially for the informal sector, provides income and prevents global warming,”.



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