Suspects arrested for premix diversions are not staff of Keta Municipal Assembly – MCE

The Keta Municipal Chief Executive in the Volta Region has explained that the arrested Geoffrey James Ocloo, with a tanker driver over their involvement in the diversion of a tanker carrying premix fuel meant for fishermen in the Keta Municipality is not a worker of the Assembly as reported.

Emmanuel Gemega confirmed that the suspect, Geoffrey James Ocloo is a member of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the constituency and the Secretary to the Nukpesekope Landing Beach Committee (LBC) and not the staff of the assembly.

The Keta Police Command is holding Geoffrey James Ocloo and a tanker driver over their involvement in the diversion of a tanker carrying premix fuel meant for fishermen in the Keta municipality.

The product was reportedly meant for the Nukpesekope Landing Beach Committee (LBC) but was allegedly diverted and offloaded onto another truck at Afife, about 30 kilometres from Keta.

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Fishermen in Keta and its adjoining fishing communities, those in western and central regions have been complaining about the lack of premix fuel for their fishing business and had suspected diversion of the product.

Keta Police report says the tanker with registration number GT 2254 Z, sent the product to Nukpesekope but did not discharge the fuel as intended.

After waiting for some minutes, the vehicle set off through Afiadenyigba to Afife road where it was seen offloading the premix fuel onto another truck.

Police says the waybill had allegedly been doctored by the Secretary of the Nukpesekope LBC, Mr. Ocloo, to indicate that it was meant for a different designation.

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Reacting to the issue on 3FM’s Sunrise on Thursday hosted by Alfred Ocansey, the Municipal Chief Executive explained that “they are not staff of the Assembly. I say on authority that James Ocloo is a party member. He is an NPP member and I am surprised the issue is turning this way”.

Mr. Gemega said “none of my staff is mentioned or involved in the diversions”.

“As far as I am concerned, he is a mere party member. He is a member of the landing beach committee”.

He said “the police informed me that they have arrested the two people for fuel diversions, the driver and Mr. James Ocloo on the alleged premix diversion and I have asked them to do their work”.

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Efforts to curb premix diversion

The MCE said he has been doing all he could to fight the diversions but people are not happy about the fact that he is fighting for the right things to be done.

“When I assumed office as the MCE, the issue of diversion was brought to my attention when I assumed and I have tried with my mandate to ensure that the right people get them to buy”.

Mr. Gemega noted that “people are not happy about that but I am doing my best to ensure that when they arrive, the fisherfolks who it is meant for, get them to buy and I will make sure I do my work fairly as possible”.

Story By Kweku Antwi-Otoo||Ghana


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