The NPP will not take advice from NDC on violence – Ellen Ama Daaku

A Communications team member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Ellen Ama Daaku has stated that the new patriotic party in its entirety will not take any advice from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on how to conduct violence free elections.

Speaking on Good Morning Ghana, Ama Daaku noted that the NDC has stained its hands with violence, worse than the NPP during elections hence their advice on how to run a violence free election is unsolicited.

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“The NPP will not take advice from the NDC, the last I checked they haven’t sorted out their issues, they are not done yet, so they should. They should not poke their nose into our business, they should face forward and go, it is the NPP’s time now.”

Ama Daaku posited that the NPP Delegate Conference was not marred by violence as witnessed in NDC’s 2022 National Executive Congress in cape coast.

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“You saw just one photo of Alan’s agent, we should go behind and find out what happened. In all this, we did not see people holding sticks, clubs and stones and you did not see us beating ourselves black and blue like the NDC did in 2022, beating themselves black and blue in Cape Coast”

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But she also pointed that “The NPP is in the process of choosing our presidential candidate, of course we will not get it 100%, one or two incident will pop up”


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