Togo intercepts 40 tons of their Maize being smuggled into Ghana through Aflao

According to report, a control team from the Togolese Ministry of Commerce intercepted a shipment of 40 tons of corn intended to be smuggled into Ghana on Wednesday midnight at Aflao on the Togolese side.

The Togolese authorities received information from a confidential informant regarding smugglers bringing food and cereals into Ghana illegally, including flour, maize, and beans, among other things.

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“The shipment was attempting to fraudulently depart the nation,” according to the circumstances of the current case as revealed by Togo’s ministers of trade and communication.

A Togo Interministerial directive issued on May 16, 2022, directed border officials to control the exit of essential goods and food items from Togo in order to avoid the people from experiencing any shortages and to reduce inflationary effects.

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“Not only is the truck and the stock taken in accordance with the regulations, but a criminal investigation will be launched against individuals involved,” said Kodjo Adedze, Togo’s Minister of Trade and Private Sector.

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“The government is working,” he added, “but the entire population will have to work together to avert a food scarcity in the country.”

Togolese officials confirmed the seizure of a consignment of 26 tons of maize in the Lakes in April.

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