Torgbi Dikenu condemns Agyin-Asare ‘s comment about Nogokpo, calls for calm

Torgbi Dikenu II, Chief of Nogokpo in the Ketu South Municipality of the Volta region, has appealed to the indigenes of the town especially the youth who have vowed to unleash their wrath on Archbishop Charles Agyin-Asare.

The Perez Chapel founder in a recent sermon at his church, described Nogokpo as the “demonic headquarters” of the Volta region.

His comment met with mixed reactions and backlash from the youth of the town and the Volta region, who have taken to various social media platforms to berate the man of God.

Torgbi Dikenu in an interview with said although the Archbishop’s comments were unsavory, the youth of the town should exercise caution in their reactions in order not to breach the peace and unity that had existed between Christians and traditional worshippers both in Nogokpo and the country as a whole.

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He said the Archbishop with his several years as a mentor and religious leader, should not be seen to be passing such divisive comments, but rather comments that should unite people of various religious dispensations in society.

Torgbi Dikenu, a celebrated peace ambassador in Ghana, Togo and across the world, said the comments made by the Archbishop could spell doom for the people of the town.

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“The Archbishop’s comments can bring a lot of disadvantages to the people of this town especially the youth, people may see us in a bad light – would you like to marry someone from a “demonic headquarters” or employ them to work for you? – just think about it,” he questioned.

Torgbi Dikenu said Nogokpo is not a bad place and that, what the town abhorred was other spirits that do not resonate with the spirit of the Nogokpo deity.

“Its either the Archbishop’s entourage was moving with a spirit the deity abhores or the incident involving their vehicle tyre, is a pure accident – we are a peace loving people and would not want this thing to degenerate,” the traditional ruler said.

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He said the chiefs, elders, youth and the entire Nogokpo town was not happy with the development and called on Archbishop Agyin-Asare to retract the comments and render an unqualified apology to the good people of Nogokpo within the next 48 hours in the interest of peace and harmony and to bring the issue to rest.

Source: GNA


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