Traders in Sokode yam market call for support

Yam farmers and traders in the newly opened Sokode zonal market in the Ho Municipal Assembly has appealed to the general public especially wholesale and retailers in the yam business across the region to endeavour to patronize the Sokode yam market.

The traders who are mainly Konkombas believed that regular patronage of the market could boost its sustainability, popularity and also attract more traders into the market.

Speaking to Inside Ghana News Service (IGNEWSS), Mr. George Wunada, the Konkomba Youth Association Chairman stated that, neither farmers nor the traders alone can grow the market.

He therefore called for support and advice from the general public to help to sustain the market.

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“Actually, the support that we need from them is that they should come and assist us to sustain the yam market to run. We cannot do it alone, so we need everyone’s support.” He stated.

Mr. Wunada observed that, patronizing the Sokode zonal yam market will help save much money and prevent the risks one may be exposed to in traveling to other far places to purchase their yam.

He therefore advised yam traders and those who want to enter into the business in the Volta region to consider spending less time to patronize Sokode yam market to get better yams for their businesses

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He further hinted that plans are far advanced to get Chiefs of the area to release lands for cultivation of yam in large scale and also build Konkomba settlements at Sokode.

He said, settling in the area will enable them to go into commercial cultivation of yam that can cater for the high demands and also stop transporting yam from the north.

He said Kokombas have already settled in communities like Hordzo, Takla, Shia, Hoe and other nearby town where most yams are coming from into the Ho Main Market.

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Hon. Divine Bosson revealed that, he has been in talks with all wholesale yam traders in the Ho Main market to relocate to the new yam market at Sokode Gbogame.

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The Dutorfia of Sokode Togbe Awui called on the people of Sokode to give first priority and recognition to the market.

He underscored that, despite the beginning might be difficult, they should make it worth visiting by others.

Togbe is very optimistic that the district will gain more from the market if different food stuffs could be sold in the market including animal markets.



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