Volta Region: Midwife’s selfless effort saves boy’s life in Hlefi

In a heartwarming tale of dedication and compassion, Miss Damalie Mizpah, the Midwifery Officer in Charge at Hlefi Health Centre, went above and beyond the call of duty to save the life of young Manasseh Agbotse.

Born with a severe case of hydrocephalus, Manasseh’s chances of survival seemed bleak until the intervention of a passionate midwife and the generous support of an NGO.

Manasseh Agbotse, born on November 4, 2022, at Hlefi Health Centre, faced an uncertain future due to his hydrocephalus condition. With a head circumference of 37 centimetres at birth and fluid accumulation in the fontanelle, the urgency of the situation was evident.

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A postnatal visit revealed that Manasseh’s head circumference had increased to a staggering 80 centimetres, indicating the need for immediate surgical intervention.

The surgery took place at Korle Bu on April 17, 2023, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Manasseh’s head circumference has significantly reduced to 60 centimetres, indicating a marked improvement in his condition.

This success story stands as a testament to the unwavering determination of Miss Damalie Mizpah, who did not limit herself to what was possible at her health facility.

The grateful mother, Bless Tekpor, expressed her overwhelming joy and gratitude, stating, “I am so happy my baby is well now. The joy of every mother is to see her baby beautiful and healthy, so when I saw my son just after I delivered him, I wept, and I asked myself, ‘Why me?’ But now God has been so good to me and my son. I want to thank Miss Damalie Mizpah, VARAS, and all the supporters who came to our aid.”

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Miss Damalie Mizpah, recognizing the importance of early detection and intervention, urges all women of fertile age to promptly seek medical care upon realizing they are pregnant. She emphasizes that early reporting to the nearest health facility can help detect any deviations from normal and ensure timely interventions.

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The Volunteers for Amelioration of Rural Areas (VARAS), a grassroots NGO committed to empowering rural communities in Ghana, has been providing invaluable support to underprivileged families for years.

Through their Health for All Programme (HAP), VARAS has sponsored over 28 children requiring specialist surgeries, covering expenses such as transport, accommodation, food, and surgery.

Executive Director Sylvester Atitsogbe expressed his gratitude to Miss Damalie Mizpah for her dedication and to the donors who made Manasseh’s surgery possible.

The total cost of Manasseh’s surgery, including pre, during, and post-operative care, amounted to about GH¢33,000.00.

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