We hope to hit over one million registered voters in Volta – NDC

Mr. James Gunu, Volta Regional Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has said the Party was working to build a voter poll of more than a million in the Region with the ongoing limited registration exercise.

The Region is the known stronghold of the NDC, and the Regional Secretary told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) mobilisation was underway to increase the voter register from the present 976,000.

The region added some 56,000 registered voters in the last limited registration exercise by the Electoral Commission (EC), and Mr. Gunu said the target for the ongoing registration was attainable.

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“We are ready for the limited registration exercise, and we are prepared, and our men are on the ground. It is going to be an improvement over the last one,” he said.

Mr. Gunu said the Region was sure of securing a 90 per cent of vote for Former President John Dramani Mahama who is flag bearer of the NDC.

He said work was ongoing to also secure all 18 Parliamentary seats in the Region for the Party.

The Regional Secretary commended the timely release of logistics by stakeholders which included more than 70 motorbikes, and it said would boost activities of the electioneering period.

Speaking on some challenges facing the limited registration, Mr. Gunu said the rainy season was sure to affect mobilisation as roads in parts of the Region remained deplorable.

“Assessing the EC District Offices in Hard-to-reach areas is a problem for many especially as cost of transportation is high,” he said, calling on the electoral authority to ensure the Region received the needed supply of kits for a successful exercise.

Mr. Gunu said the Party was actively mobilising eligible voters for the exercise and was “doing our best to ensure access.”

“We started educating our people, especially those who are 18 and above with a sound mind. We believe strongly that any Ghanaian who is qualified to vote must be given the opportunity.

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“We are calling on people to take interest in electoral processes including the transfer of votes, application for proxy, and the replacement of ID cards.”

The limited registration exercise has been running from May 7, and the Regional Secretary told the GNA the process was yet to gather momentum due to some network challenges.

He also alleged the presence of security personnel along borders in the Region which he said would affect turnout for the event.

Credit to GNA


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