Akatsi North DISEC bans Easter-related festivals at Ave-Dakpa

The Akatsi North District Security Council (DISEC) in the Volta region has banned all Easter-related festivals within Ave-Dakpa, the District capital until further notice.

“Upon critical review of the application for police permit and circumstances surrounding the organisation and celebration of some Easter festivities at Ave Dakpa, DISEC has directed the ban,” a statement said.

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Signed by Mr Simon Peter Kofi Ofosu, the Akatsi North District Chief Executive (DCE) and copied to the Ghana News Agenc, the release said the ban covered the Delademi Festival and any other festivals at Ave-Dakpa until further notice.

Mr Ofosu, however, stated that the normal Christian religious celebrations, funeral rites, apprenticeship graduation, and traditional customary rites were permitted to be held.

“DISEC warns against the modification of these celebrations and gatherings into a festival or durbar,” the statement said.

The DISEC also reminded the Ave-Dakpa community of an impending interim injunction against the celebration of Ameshikpe Festival and strongly advised that the decision of the court should be respected.

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Meanwhile, the Akatsi North DISEC has requested from all community members during the period to cooperate and understand the situation.

“We urged all to comply with the directives to ensure a peaceful period of Easter festivity,” it added.

Source: GNA


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