This Is Not Your Field- Amewu Replies Mahama Over Train Accident Comment

In response to comments made by former President John Dramani Mahama regarding the recent train accident in Ghana, Railways Development Minister and Hohoe MP, John Peter Amewu has voiced strong disagreement towards the criticisms put forth by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) 2024 Presidential candidate.

Former President Mahama’s remarks on social media concerning the train accident raised questions about the inspection process and the maintenance of the track prior to the test run.

However, Minister Amewu refuted these claims in an interview on Joy News, dismissing Mahama’s comments as lacking a comprehensive understanding of the incident.

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Amewu highlighted that the test run was conducted by 16 engineers from Poland, marking the 304th test worldwide this year, emphasizing the expertise and thorough preparations undertaken. The inspection and test run were part of the contract which was assigned to the Polish engineers, ensuring meticulous checks were carried out to guarantee the safety of the operation.

Expressing dismay at Mahama’s comments, Amewu urged the former president to seek clarifications before making uninformed statements.

He emphasized that there was no transfer of ownership of the train to Ghana at the time of the accident, hence, the onus of repair costs did not fall on the government.

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The Minister further clarified that there was a manual system in place to ensure the safety of the track before the train embarked on its journey, countering Mahama’s assumptions about the inspection process. Amewu pointed out that the recovery operation following the accident was swiftly executed, underscoring the rail track’s positioning ahead of the train prior to the incident.

In response to questions about sabotage or the duration of the vehicle on the track before the test run, Amewu refrained from making speculative claims, focusing instead on the need for accountability and civility in handling such incidents.

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Following the accident, the driver of the truck involved has been sentenced to six months in jail for various offenses.

Additionally, the police have apprehended more individuals in connection with the accident, ensuring a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

As the discourse around the train accident continues, Minister Amewu’s remarks serve to provide context and clarity on the incident, emphasizing the professionalism and diligence exhibited by the engineers in conducting the test run.



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