Akatsi South Youth Parliament to hold an emergency townhall meeting today, to address security issues in Akatsi

The Akatsi South Youth Parliament after their “Emergency Peace dialogue meeting” on Friday 14th April, 2022 with their stakeholders have made some resolutions to help find a lasting solution to the security issues in the Akatsi township.

These resolutions they have agreed to declare to the general public through a townhall meeting scheduled to come off on Tuesday 19th April, 2022 at exactly 9;00am at the premises of No.1 Basic school in Akatsi

This was declared by Right Honorable Daniel Amuzu Kale-speaker of the Akatsi Youth parliament just after their meeting on Friday.

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According to him, they as an authoritative, independent and legally constituted Youth group believes their resolutions will be the possible answer to the current menaces in the Akatsi municipality which is threatening the security and safety of the indigenes.

He went on to advice the youth to remain calm and invited the public to Tuesdays’ townhall meeting as they declare their roadmaps.

“We plead with the youth of Avenor to stay calm and wait on us since Tuesday is not far……” He said

 He continued and said the Youth Parliament formed a delegation which was tasked to visit the families of the deceased and the injured to commiserate and sympathize with them; an action which was very successful on that Friday evening with support from some Chiefs.

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Invitation to townhall meeting


There was a violent clash between the Police and a session of the youth in Akatsi during the early hours of Sunday 11th April, with the police shooting live bullets leaving one dead and another in a critical condition currently. This action was triggered by an incidence between a police patrol team which “allegedly” knocked down some three boys suspected to be criminals on a motorbike on Saturday dawn living one dead and the other two severely injured.

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The Municipal security council met with some stakeholders on Wednesday 13th April and came out with some measures which brought lots of agitations among the public condemning the measures to be irrelevant and inadequate in solving the problems. The youth and the public are asking for an independent body to investigate the cases and proper justice served since they do not trust the police, a reason why they put all their hopes on the yet to be declared outcomes of the Youth Parliament meeting.



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