Law-maker for the Akatsi South Constituency,Hon Bernard Ahiafor reacts to ensuing mayhem between Police and Akatsi Youths

The Member of Parliament for the Akatsi South Consituency Hon. Bernard Ahiafor has issued a press release in responds to the ongoing chaos between the Police and some irate youths of the Akatsi township.

At Sunday 10th April,2022 between the hours of 6:00 am GMT to 9:30am GMT ,some youths of the township clashed with Officers of the Akatsi Municipal Command after there was a report of the death of a young man identified as Setor was alleged to have died after he was ran over by a Police Van the previous day.

The irate youths pelted the Police and in attempts to control the situation the Police allegedly responded with gunshots further killing a 16 year old Hamza .The Law-maker of the area Hon Bernard Ahiafor,from his base in Mumbai – India where he is on official duties has released a presser to calm situations.Below is a full text of his statement.Sunday, 10th April, 2022.Mumbai-IndiaBERNARD AHIAFOR CALLS FOR PEACE.

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My attention has been drawn to the unfortunate incident that has again happened two nights ago in my beloved constituency when I was far away in the Assam Legislative Assembly, Guwahati, India performing Parliamentary duty.

A life of a young son of Akatsi South was lost again. Reports have it that a police Riot control van ran into them when they were on a motorbike going home in the night. Two of his friends sustained injury and unfortunately, Setor, known among his peers as “Snipper” gave up his life after been rushed to the hospital.

This was followed by a crash between the Youth and the Police leading to the death of two of our young men.I humbly plead with the Youth to remain calm to avoid any further loss of life or injury. l called on the Akatsi Police to resort to peaceful resolution of matters and restore peace at Akatsi. Akatsi is a land of Peace.

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I called the Municipal Chief Executive who is the Head and Commander of Municipal Security , Hon. Kofitsey Nyahe) and in my absence, he will help restore peace and security at Akatsi. I urge on the Police Commander to assist and both in my absence hold a crunch emergency meeting to investigate the cause of this misfortune.I use this opportunity to sympathize with the bereaved families and their loved ones.

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Again, I ask the gallant youths of our dear Akatsi to exercise self control and restrain at this trying time to mourn with their beloved brothers in peace as we all await the investigation and official report on the matter. I am on my knees pleading. Let Peace prevail.Long live AkatsiLong live the Future Leaders.Help me;

1. to extend my deepest and sincere condolences to the bereaved family.

2. to plead with the you youth to remain calm and exercise restraint.

3. to urge upon the police to refrain from the use of fire arm and in my absence assist the Municipal Chief Executive to restore peace and security at Akatsi.Never again should this happened at Akatsi.

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