Aklakpanu bridge will be reconstructed to boost economic growth – North Tongu DCE assures

Following the collapse of the vital bridge connecting communities in North Tongu, Divine Osborn Fenu, the District Chief Executive (DCE) of North Tongu, has assured residents of the government’s unwavering commitment to reconstructing the bridge.

This pledge comes as a beacon of hope for locals who have been significantly impacted by the bridge’s closure, affecting daily life and economic activities.

The collapsed bridge, a key link for transportation and trade in the area, has left residents facing challenges in commuting, transporting goods, and accessing essential services.

For the people of North Tongu Central and South Tongu, the bridge is not just a concrete structure; it represents connectivity, opportunity, and the lifeline of their local economy.

The DCE, Divine Osborn Fenu addressed concerned residents during a tour near the site of the collapsed bridge.

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Speaking with conviction and empathy, he reassured them that plans for the bridge’s reconstruction were already in motion. He emphasised the government’s understanding of the hardships faced by the community and affirmed that steps are being taken to expedite the rebuilding process.

“We are aware of the difficulties our residents are enduring due to the bridge’s collapse. Rest assured, the government is fully committed to reconstructing this vital link,” the DCE stated.

“The bridge is not just a structure; it is the foundation of our local economy. Its reconstruction will not only restore connectivity but also rejuvenate economic activities, benefiting all residents of North Tongu.”

The collapse of the bridge has not only disrupted daily life but has also hampered economic growth in the region. Farmers find it difficult to transport their produce to markets, businesses face challenges in receiving supplies, and residents have to take long detours to reach essential services such as hospitals and schools.

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However, with the assurance from DCE Fenu, optimism is beginning to stir among the residents. Many expressed gratitude for the government’s swift response and commitment to addressing their plight. Local business owners, in particular, see the reconstruction as a catalyst for renewed economic activity and growth.

“We have been eagerly awaiting news of the bridge’s reconstruction. Its closure has affected us greatly, but knowing that the government is prioritizing this gives us hope,” said Amiga Mensah, a local shop owner. “Once the bridge is back, we can expect more customers, easier transportation of goods, and overall, a boost for our businesses.”

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The reconstruction of the bridge in North Tongu is not just about rebuilding a structure; it signifies a renaissance for the entire community. It is a promise of better days ahead, where commerce can flourish, residents can move freely, and the local economy can thrive.

As plans move forward, the DCE, Divine Osborn Fenu has assured residents that updates on the reconstruction progress will be regularly communicated.

The government’s commitment to the people of North Tongu stands firm, with the shared vision of a stronger, more prosperous community on the horizon.

Residents are optimistic that with this assurance, the bridge will soon rise again, paving the way for a brighter future for all.



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