CEO of Agblor Lodge commended for coastal protection efforts

During a recent monitoring visit by the Works and Housing Committee of Parliament to the Keta, Anloga, and Ketu South districts of the Volta Region to assess the damage caused by tidal waves, the Chief Executive Officer and Owner of the Agblor Lodge Beach Resort, Regent Godwin Kojovi Ahadzi, was commended for his proactive efforts to protect and defend his property and parts of the coastline.

The commendation came from the Ranking Member of the Committee, Vincent Oppong Asamoah, MP for Dormaa West.

Mr Asamoah praised Mr Ahadzi for his initiative in erecting a defense and protective wall against the tidal waves, an investment worth over five hundred thousand Ghanaian cedis.

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Speaking during the visit, Mr Ahadzi,emphasised the challenges faced by coastal communities and the urgent need to safeguard the coastline from further erosion. He underscored the importance of proactive measures to prevent the destruction of the coast.

“The coastal areas are facing unprecedented threats from tidal waves and erosion. It is imperative that we take decisive action to protect our coastline before irreversible damage occurs,” he said.

The Works and Housing Committee members, led by Mr Asamoah, toured the affected areas and witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by the relentless force of the sea.

The visit served as a reminder of the urgent need for collaborative efforts between government agencies, private stakeholders, and local communities to address the challenges posed by coastal erosion.

He pledged to advocate for increased support and resources to bolster coastal protection initiatives, acknowledging the critical role played by individuals like Mr Ahadzi in safeguarding Ghana’s coastal assets.

“The efforts of Regent Godwin Kojovi Ahadzi are commendable and serve as an example of proactive leadership in the face of environmental challenges. We must work together to ensure that our coastal communities are resilient and equipped to withstand the threats posed by rising sea levels and erosion.”

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The commendation of Mr Ahadzi reflects a growing recognition of the importance of private sector involvement in coastal protection efforts and highlights the crucial role that individuals and businesses can play in mitigating the impacts of climate change on vulnerable coastal communities.



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