Dzodze Penyi Traditional Council inaugurated

Traditional council authority has been awarded to the Dzodze Penyi Traditional Area in the Volta Region’s Ketu North Municipality.

The status has statutory support, giving the area’s Paramount Chief the right to chair the Council and the authority to form customary committees in order to pursue effective leadership.

Inaugurating the Council on Wednesday, Lily Fati Soale, Acting Chief Director of the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Religious Affairs, said the elevation should be taken into account as part of the government’s commitment to positioning traditional institutions to foster communal development.

She noted that in order to effectively carry out their duties, Council leaders must be aware of the many instruments available for resolving disputes, the processes and procedures for administering land, and other relevant information and abilities.

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The Chieftaincy Act, which the Acting Director deemed “extremely significant,” was also requested of traditional leaders.

She congratulated the community and said the Council will open the way for the creation of numerous committees and other required entities. She also asked traditional leaders to cooperate “hand in hand” to hasten the pace of development.

“The inauguration should be seen to integrate the people and traditional leaders towards the speedy development of the area,” the Director noted, and added that the Ministry would provide the needed staff and training as part of “special attention” to the Council.

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Harry Attipoe, Registrar of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs said membership of the Council only merited gazetted chiefs, and called forth Togbega Gledzi IV, Paramount Chief of the area as President of the Council, and Togbe Kle, also a gazetted community leader, as a member.

The local Magistrate swore them, administering oaths of membership, judicial, and secrecy.

The Registrar clarified that recognised leaders who were not able to attend the inauguration as well as rulers to be later gazetted, would be duly sworn into the council.

A Council Hall was also inaugurated to cap the event.

Togbega Gledzi, who was enstooled last year, said in a speech, that the elevation of the area was “unprecedented.

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“This has been my oriented dream since my instalment. We shall diligently pursue and position the council and develop it to meet the status,” he said, pledging his willingness to lead the institution in “full capacity” towards its mission.

Togbega Gledzi pledged to foster peace and unity towards development, and grow a “strong, respectable Council.

“The traditional council status is a call to duty – to get knowledge, strength and resources for proper use,” he added.

The inauguration was attended by traditional leaders from across the Ketu areas and was widely witnessed.

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