Government will secure 100 electric buses for “Tap and Go” Metro Mass Transit, says Bawumia

Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia says the government will order 100 electric buses for Metro Mass Transit Ltd by the end of this year. The order is intended to introduce e-vehicles to the public transport system in Ghana, to be integrated with the “Tap and Go” system.

Vice-President Bawumia announced this in Accra on Monday (19 February) as he launched the “Tap and Go” system and ticketing solution for Metro Mass Transit Ltd.

The “Tap and Go” initiative will eliminate corruption and revenue losses in public transport operations in Ghana, he said, adding that it had introduced a digital card system like the Oyster Card, used in the United Kingdom.

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It involves the use of a digital card preloaded with cash, allowing passengers to pay their fare simply by tapping the card on a fixed machine installed on every bus.

Additionally, a mobile app will offer a virtual card option for payment via mobile phone. To enhance safety and monitoring, security cameras will be installed in the electric buses to monitor activities on board through the Metro Mass Transit control room.

MoMo top-ups

The “Tap and Go” initiative, Dr Bawumia said, will include a manifest system where passengers can register for the travel pass using their Ghana Card and phone number, ensuring transparency and safety.

Other features include the ability to purchase tickets from home before boarding a bus and top-up options using mobile money accounts.

The “Tap and Go” initiative is expected to revolutionise the public transport system and elevate the quality of services offered to the public.

It is an element of the government’s ambition of ensuring a cashless society and modernising public transport services to improve transparency and service delivery to passengers in general, Dr Bawumia said.

Kwaku Ofori Asiamah, the Minister of Transport, said the initiative is a game-changer in the public transport sector, which will ensure affordable and reliable access to transport services for the commuting public.

“This is a new phase of the digital revolution and will redefine the future of the public transport system in Ghana,” he said.

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Boost to revenue

Albert Adu Boahen, the managing director of MMT, said in his welcome remarks that the system will bring efficiency to the company’s operations and minimise revenue losses.

The Kaneshie Terminal of Metro Mass Transit Ltd is the first to introduce it and by 31 May this year, all 25 branches of the company will be networked to the “Tap and Go” system to optimise operations, he said.

The system was designed by a Ghanaian IT solution developer, in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and the Office of the Vice-President.

Source: Asaaseradio


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