Ho Sector Commander of Customs urges increased staffing to curb smuggling

The Ho Sector Commander of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), Felicia Dadeboe, has made an urgent appeal for increased staffing to combat rampant smuggling and customs evasion in the Volta Region.

This call to action comes as the Ho Command strives to meet its ambitious revenue target of 76 million Ghana cedis for the year.

Commander Dadeboe highlighted the critical need for additional personnel to monitor and control the numerous unapproved routes frequently exploited by smugglers.

She emphasised that bolstering the workforce is essential to enhancing surveillance and enforcement efforts, ultimately boosting revenue collection.

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Dadeboe made these remarks during a recent working visit by the Commissioner of Customs, Brigadier General Ziblim Ayorogo, to the Ho Command.

The Commissioner’s 2-day tour of the Volta Region was aimed at engaging with Customs officers and gaining firsthand insight into the challenges they face at various border posts.

The visit also sought to assess the living conditions of the officers and address their concerns to align with the Customs Division’s mission and vision.

Brigadier General Ayorogo, accompanied by a delegation, commenced the tour at the Ho Collection, where he engaged with both senior and junior officers.

He assured them that the Customs Division would implement new strategies and methodologies to enhance border protection, minimize revenue leakages, and meet the set revenue targets for the year.

During her address, Commander Dadeboe reiterated the pressing need for additional staff to support the command’s efforts in enhancing revenue collection.

She expressed confidence that with more personnel, the Command could significantly reduce smuggling activities and improve compliance with customs regulations.

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The Commissioner’s team continued their tour, visiting various border posts, including Nyive, Shia, and Honuta. At each stop, Brigadier General Ayorogo interacted with stationed officers, listened to their grievances, and inspected their living conditions, ensuring that their needs and challenges were acknowledged.

Following the comprehensive tour, Brigadier General Ayorogo called on sister security agencies to maintain and strengthen their collaboration with the Customs Division.

He emphasised that a united front is crucial to enhancing revenue collection and safeguarding the nation’s borders against smuggling and illegal activities.



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