I was forced into marriage to please my father – Patience Ozokwor

Nigerian actress Patience Ozokwor has narrated the ordeal she went through when she was made to marry at a very young age.

She said she had to endure the marriage to please her father and children.

The sixty-two-year-old actress said she got married at age 19 against her will and lost her husband after 15 years of marriage.

“It was my parent’s decision to marry at a younger age,” she told Nigeria’s Channel TV. “I come from a polygamous family where my mother wants me to get married because her mate’s daughter has gotten married. I was forced into marriage. That’s it,” she said in an interview on Channel TV.

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“My experience was horrible. Our era was a period where you don’t have to decide who marries you. Your parents or cousin could arrange it. Once your parents have accepted it, you are in for it,” she added.

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Patience also added: “In my family, you don’t come back from your husband’s house. You stay, manage and make the best out of it. When I went into the marriage, I saw what was involved. I put my head together because I couldn’t disappoint my father who loved me so much. So, I had to stay back.”

According to her, in her place, it’s not easy for one to abandon their children in marriage once they start having them.

“The reason why I stayed in my marriage was to please my family and take care of my children. So, whether there was love or not, it does not matter,” she further stated.

Source: Ghanaweekend


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