Keta Municipal Assembly Gets Six New Officers after Passing Resolution

Some six new technocrats have been deployed to work towards the growth and development of the Keta Municipality after the general assembly passed a resolution to that effect.

The resolution which was passed by the general assembly on the 28th of April this year, had twenty out of twenty-five assembly members who were in attendance, to support the motion.

As a result, the following new officers have been posted to the Keta municipality as the Head of Local Government Service has approved the resolution from the honourable assembly members in the municipality after realizing that some funds allocated for developmental projects have been misappropriated:

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Sedinam Felicia Mensah                        Procurement Officer

Enyonam Ama Sekleh                            Budget Analyst

Sewor Paul                                               Engineer

Harrison Alao-Wugah                            Finance Officer

Lawrence Awunyo                                  Planning Officer      

Harrison Mensah                                    Internal Auditor        

Sandcity Radio’s Kekeli Blamey gathered in an exclusive interview with the Presiding Member Hon Amos Ametsimeh that the resolution passed by the assembly after moving into committee is backed by Part 10, Order 42, and Paragraph 1 to 4 of the Modern Standing Orders of the District Assemblies.

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He however, together with other Assembly Members welcomed the new officers and also urged them to put the development of the municipality at heart and work to achieve a common purpose, adding that the general assembly will also join hands to support them tirelessly.

Mr. Ametsimeh also noted that, the Assembly is committed to instituting thorough investigations against the previous principal officers by the appropriate agencies to ensure that all monies, either misapplied or misappropriated be refunded into the accounts of the Keta Municipal Assembly.

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Here is a list of Officers affected by the Assembly’s resolution for gross financial malfeasance in the Municipality:

1.     Municipal Finance Officer – Maxwell Nana Kodjo Appiah

2.     Municipal Planning Officer – John Ntibre

3.     Municipal Budget Analyst – Savior Kudiabor

4.     Municipal Coordinating Director – Kwadzo Dekpo

5.     Municipal Internal Auditor – Cephas Afetsi

6.     Municipal Works Engineer – Samuel Dompre

7.     Municipal Procurement Officer – Antoinette Aheto

8.     Municipal Stores Manager – Wisdom Ahadzi

9.     Accountant at the Municipal Treasury – Fred Anyasor



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