Let’s work harder to better fortunes of NPP in Oti Region

Mr Salam Mustapha, the National Youth Organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has charged the Party’s youth wing in the Oti Region to work harder to better the fortunes of NPP in the Region in the 2024 general election.

Currently, out of the eight seats in the region, the NPP has none, having lost the only seat they won in 2016 to the National Democratic Congress in 2020.

Addressing the Oti regional youth wing and TESCON conference in Kete-Krachi, Mr Mustapha said the youth must work hard to deliver at least 50 per cent (four) of the parliamentary seats in the region for the Party.

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He also charged them to improve the fortunes of the Party in the presidential election by securing 50 per cent of the votes in the 2024 general election.

The conference, organised by the youth wing of the Party in the region, was to train and orient members and energise the base of the Party towards a resounding victory in 2024.

Mr Mustapha said the Oti Region had witnessed massive development since the NPP assumed power in 2017.

He said the number of recently tarred roads in the region indicated that it (Oti) had received its fair share of development and that it must reward the Party by voting for its candidates in the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections.

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“I am extremely excited about the massive development the Oti region has witnessed under the Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government. It is now time for the good people of the Oti Region, especially the youth, to reward the NPP by voting for us in 2024 to break the 8 and do more for the region,” he said.

“The energy, zeal and fire-in-belly we saw on the ground have left us with a reinforced and an indelible belief that victory will be ours in 2024. We are proud elephants. I can state without any fear of contradiction that, indeed, the NPP is on its way to making history as the first party to win elections 3 consecutive times with the support of each and every one of us seated here. We are breaking the 8 by the Grace of God,” he said.

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Mr Mustapha added: “I was here about two months ago. Most of the roads were filled with dust. I am here today and almost all have been tarred. This is an indication that only an NPP government can solve our developmental needs for us.

“We have superior ideas and policy initiatives than NDC. I am not disappointed that Ghanaians are complaining because of the current economic difficulties. It is because they hold us in high esteem.”

Source: GNA


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