Minority Caucus Boycotts Vetting Of Deputy Minister

Tension gripped Parliament today as members of the Minority Caucus on the Appointments Committee took a decisive stand by boycotting the scheduled vetting of Kofi Ahenkorah-Marfo, the Deputy Minister-designate for Trade and Industry.

The looming vetting session for Ahenkorah-Marfo was overshadowed by an unexpected turn of events following a press release issued by the Minority Leader, Cassiel Ato Forson.

In the widely circulated statement, it was announced that the minority representatives would abstain from the vetting process, citing profound concerns over the prevailing economic challenges besieging the nation.

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Echoing dissatisfaction with current economic conditions, the Opposition highlighted the mass relocation of international corporations from Ghana as a pressing issue that necessitates urgent government intervention.
The Minority’s stance centered on advocating for a reduction in governmental size rather than further appointments, emphasizing that the ongoing economic tumult mandates prudent fiscal decisions to alleviate citizens’ distress.

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In a poignant excerpt from the press release, the Minority asserted, “We are again unable to support this nomination by President Akufo-Addo at this time because our country has gone through (and continues to go through) very difficult periods, including the crippling economic crisis, food insecurity, debt default as a result of excessive borrowing, corruption in government, and wasteful and reckless expenditures.”

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Furthermore, the Minority underscored their refusal to engage in activities that might exacerbate the financial burden on Ghanaians already grappling with extreme hardship.

The absence of the Minority members during the vetting session resonates as a potent display of dissent against what they perceive as a disregard for the dire economic plight faced by ordinary citizens.

Source: Dailyguide


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