Klikor, Volta region town that’s produced 2 IGPs, other notable people

Klikor-Agbozume is a town in Ketu-South Municipality in the Volta Region of southeastern Ghana. The main language spoken is the Ewe language.

gbozume is the traditional capital of the Somey Ewes. They were the original people of Keta. Awanyedor and Akaga who were sons of Torgbui Wenya- the founder of Anlo State, left Anloga and found Keta as a fishing village. The Danes later built a fort in Keta (Fort Prizenstein = Prince’s stone Fort) after the Sagbadre War of 1784. That enabled Keta to flourish in commerce. A civil war between Keta and Anloga in the year 1794 initiated by the Danes culminated in the defeat of Keta. The majority of the Keta people escaped across the lagoon.

Klikor and Agbozume were built partly on land granted by Klikor and also on land seized from the Whlis (Ewe for weaver birds), the original inhabitants who were defeated in war. Historically, the people of Keta were known as Agudzeawo (Easterners in old Ewe) because they are east of Anloga.

The town has a large market, which takes place every four days. The market is popular for the sale of Kente cloth where traders from Burkina Faso, Togo Benin and Nigeria come to buy the cloth and export it. On market days people from surrounding villages also come to Agbozume to trade various goods.

The main occupations of the people of Klikor are farming, Kente weaving, fishing and salt mining.

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Klikor has two administrative structures namely the traditional leadership and the Zonal Council leadership. Torgbuigah Addo VIII is the paramount chief of Klikor Traditional Area, while Hon Edward Gbeti is the Chairman of the Klikor Zonal Council.

Klikor boasts of having produced two former Inspectors-General of Police (IGPs) of Ghana – John Kudalor (2016 – 2017) and Christopher Komla Dewornu (1 November 1986 to 31 December 1989) as well as veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo.

When it comes to healthcare, Klikor has one of the best performing Health Centers in Ghana. The Klikor Health Center has over the years been the center for quality health delivery in the Ketu South.

Aside from the health center, the town is also known for the Klikor Secondary Technical School (KLISTECH).

The Klikors celebrate a festival called Zendo Glimetotoza. Zendo is a festival celebrated to mark the exodus of the people from the wicked King Agorkorli of Notsie in Togo.

There are four major shrines in Ketu South and three of them are found in Klikor alone.

The town also has churches such as the Last Hour Truth Ministry, Throne of Christ, Global Evangelical church, and ARS church among others.

Source: Made In Volta


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